Who are we?

Well, FurAsk is a one-man-company, and my name is Håkan Harrysson.

Architecture, databases and coding in generall is the main focus for me as a consultant within IT. The business layer is what really interrests me and where I can use my skills at the most. The top-layer is something that more artistical collegues can handle, though also that part is great fun.
I have also had roles as project-manager and team-leader.

I live in Kungsbacka south from Gothenburg together with my wife, our two kids moved out some time ago.

Outside of work, athletics is my main interrest. In the 80s, I raced middle distances, but as a master I prefer sprinting.

By the way, you might wonder from where the strange name "FurAsk" comes from. Well, give me a call and I'll answer that and any other questions you might have.

Regards, Håkan